Concert Photography: Helge Øverås

Annie Lennox - Eurythmics

Eurythmics were one of the most successful duos to emerge in the early '80s. Where most of their British synth pop contemporaries disappeared from the charts as soon as new wave faded away in 1984, Eurythmics continued to have hits until the end of the decade, making vocalist Annie Lennox a star in her own right, as well as establishing instrumentalist Dave Stewart as a successful, savvy producer and songwriter. By the mid-'80s, singles like «Sweet Dreams (Are Made of This)» and «Here Comes the Rain Again» had made the group into international stars, and the group had begun to experiment with their sound, delving into soul and R&B. As the decade wore on, the duo's popularity eroded somewhat - by the late '80s, they were having trouble cracking the Top 40 in America, although they stayed successful in the U.K.

Source: All Music Guide


Eurythmics, Drammenshallen, 06.10.1986. Photo: Helge Øverås Eurythmics, Drammenshallen, 06.10.1986. Photo: Helge Øverås