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August 1997

«Å tro at alt er oppdaget er en stor misforståelse,
det er å se horisonten som verdens grense.»

Antoine-Marin Lemierre


Pillars of Creation

«The miracle of star-birth unfolds in the Eagle Nebula. Deep inside the pillars of dense, cool gas and dust,
molecular hydrogen and dust condense into lumps that contract and ignite under their own gravity to become stars.
Ultraviolet light from other stars is evaporating the pillars, leaving the embryonic stars enveloped in their own thick clouds of gas.
Young stars often emit huge jets of gas. Hubble has shown these jets in unprecedented detail,
including a curious twisting pattern in a three-million-mile-long specimen in the Gum Nebula.
With a new infrared sensor, Hubble scientists hope to see inside such clouds and ever deeper into the universe...»
National Geographic
April 1997