Månedens tekst

Shadow People

Shadow people, what's in their head?
In the car next to you, when the light turns red
Could be thinking of love, might be thinking of hate
I guess it pretty much could go either way

Shadow people in shadow land

That one's thinking of great art and eloquent words
That one's strapped on a gun and joined up with the herd
That one's saving up water, got some food stored away
For the war that is coming on the judgment day

Shadow people in shadow land

And this one carries a gun for the U.S.A.
He's a 21st century man
And he's scary as hell, 'cause when he's afraid
He'll destroy anything he don't understand

Well I ain't on the left and I ain't on the right
I ain't even sure I got a dog in this fight
In my time of need, in my time of grief
I feel like a shadow's falling over me
Like shadow people in shadow land

Shadow people in shadow land

Waiting for the sun to be straight overhead
'Til we ain't got no shadow at all