Concert Photography: Helge Øverås

Frank Zappa

  • Date: 16.01.1977
  • Venue: Ekeberghallen, Oslo, Norway
  • Photo: Helge Øverås (Creative Commons)

✝ Frank Vincent Zappa (1940-1993)

«Frank Zappa was one of the most accomplished composers of the rock era; his music combines an understanding of and appreciation for such contemporary classical figures as Stravinsky, Stockhausen, and Varese with an affection for late-'50s doo wop rock & roll and a facility for the guitar-heavy rock that dominated pop in the '70s. But Zappa was also a satirist whose reserves of scorn seemed bottomless and whose wicked sense of humor and absurdity have delighted his numerous fans, even when his lyrics crossed over the broadest bounds of taste...» Source: All Music Guide

«I was in a place called The Experience one night in '68 or '69. Mike Bloomfield was in there, Jimi Hendrix was in there, Elvin Bishop. The premier guitar players all playing, all taking a solo. Then Frank gets up and does an imitation of everyone there – Mike, Jimi, the whole thing – and then plays his own stuff. You should've seen the look on Hendrix's face! He blew everybody away. People were just astounded at this guy's virtuosity. I'd watch him work in the studio and he was so far beyond anything I could imagine. All the stuff you hear on the Zappa albums that sounds like little improvisations and mistakes, they're all written – every little squeak, bump and fart. He was truly one of a kind. There's nobody else out there trying to even be Frank because he's too hard to imitate. We could use a Frank Zappa right now...» Source: Alice Cooper, Mojo Magazine, 3/2002


Ticket from Frank Zappa's concert in Oslo on 16.01.1977
Ad - Frank Zappa - Ekeberg idrettshall, Oslo - 16.01.1977
Frank Zappa, Ekeberghallen, 16.01.1977. Photo: Helge Øverås
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